Dedicated to Piero Cannata.

Deface! is disfigurement in its non-negative meaning, act of real union between who originally made the work and its viewer. In the time of digital reproducibility, deface! destroys artist's sacred role giving the spectator the possibility to actively operate on the work making it definitely of his own.
But Deface! is something more. Deface! makes the dead and static work of art something constantly mutable, finally alive. Something that is not there just to be admired and venerated but is indefinable, receding, ready to be something else after every new intervention on it by someone. And exactly with the destruction of the aura of holiness surrounding the work and the artist and the impossibility to consider a work concluded, finished (the work is concluded just with its destruction), Deface! makes itself unfit for the market traffics and for the gowned critics' soilings.
The art of Deface! is a living, open, collective art. It's the collective destruction of art. Deface it!

What is deface? How does it work? enter the archive credits
How does it work? enter the archive credits